On my 4-year road trip, the entire route was planned by Spirit and my soul. choice point

But one stop was planned by my mind, and that stop totally fell apart.

This was Virginia.


I’d gone to Virginia because I wanted to get back into the security community somehow, and that state is a good place for it. As well, I had a friend there who was going to teach me martial arts, and I would teach him yoga. I was looking forward to all of this.

But when I arrived, my plans collapsed. There was something seriously wrong with the place I’d rented short-term, and after a few hours in it, I had to leave.

I found myself checking into a motel room late at night, in a snowstorm, panicking about what I was supposed to do now that I had nowhere to go.

seeing number patterns, 223, spiritual awakening journey, virginia spirituality
I had been seeing the numbers “223” and “322” constantly for weeks. When I checked into this motel, guess what my room number was? 223.


I had an emergency energy healing the next day that helped to calm me.

And then a friend ordered me to check into “a nice hotel; one that has room service. You need to remember who you are.”

I did that.

remember who you are, good friends, self care
After a turbulent time, a cozy bed in a clean room is a blessing. I could also do my laundry in their clean, bright laundry room. I appreciated that, as I’d been doing it in the bathtub of motels across the US…not my preference.


And after a lot of journaling and introspection, I realized that Virginia was my choice point: If I was truly serious about becoming my highest self, then I wouldn’t just re-enter the security community a couple months after I had left it. I needed to “stop f@&king around in the physical world,” and I needed to instead train in the higher worlds.

That training, I knew, would be in Miami. I didn’t know how; I didn’t actually know anything about it. But I just knew–as a claircognizant–that it would happen in Miami.

So my friend in South Beach said, “Drive here right now. You can stay with me until we find you a place to live.”

So I did.

road trip, spiritual road trip, spiritual journey, spiritual awakening
It was January 2014 and I was leaving Virginia after my plans collapsed, to drive straight to Miami, Florida. Specifically, South Beach. Where a friend waited to receive me.


A side note: When our lives are falling apart, or we’re somehow transforming, it’s easy to lose ourselves. It’s easy to forget who we are. It’s therefore a blessing to have people who know us and love us, who remind us.

As well, if we’re absolutely committed to doing or becoming something, then that often comes with hard choices and trade-offs.

Have you ever needed someone to remind you of who you are, where you come from?

What do you sacrifice and let go of, in order to reach your own goals?

choice point

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