Solar and Lunar Eclipses: What happens, what it does to us, and how Occultists use the energy

On July 2 and 16, we will have solar and lunar eclipses.  (Total solar; partial lunar.) I am re-posting this article, which explains what Eclipse Season means and why we should care. Read the article.

Yoga & Energy Healing: Integration into the Military and Security Communities

The Yogic Teachings are a natural fit for the world's Intelligence and Security Communities. Indeed, the practices are being adopted increasingly. But here's the ideal situation. Continue reading.

Let us honor the transition periods

Transition periods are important; the time between what is finishing now and what has yet to come. Conscious, awake, aware people make habits of noticing these periods of our lives. Doing so helps bring completion to the outgoing situation, helps to create a pause in which we may take a breath to gather strength, and … Continue reading Let us honor the transition periods

Stop. (Don’t) look. (Just) listen. To your heart.

I spoke with a friend recently. She was coming out of a period of upset. She’s a significant healer, fellow wisdom teacher, and purely loving being. She’s here in our world for the purpose of helping us. She often works in the background, quietly removing unpleasant energies and sending waves of love, clarity, and harmony … Continue reading Stop. (Don’t) look. (Just) listen. To your heart.

Before the summer ends, let’s…

Well, the total eclipse of the sun just happened, and with that came some significant shifts in the energy of our planet Earth and all who live on her. Exactly what happened and how each of us will feel it is something that will unfold over time. But important is simply to recognize that something … Continue reading Before the summer ends, let’s…

Here’s why you should get angry

It's often thought that we shouldn't allow ourselves to get angry. Or that anger is a negative emotion. That can be true--if it becomes destructive, if it is vented unconsciously. But. Continue reading.