With Love, from the Light

This is just a short post to say: Happy Solstice Eve Day. Love, the Lightworkers. The following photos were taken at 2:37pm EST on December 20, 2017. I had just awoken from downloading another influx of light, when the Sun flared at me. When this happens, it’s often a communication from Father Sun, and I … Continue reading With Love, from the Light

Playfulness is next to Godliness

In some interpretations, enlightenment is associated with a childlike nature. Laughter and good humor; a playful manner; wonder at all things; communion with nature and her plants and animals; a heart that is open, pure, and innocent; and a knowing that we are surrounded by magic, which we know is also ours to embrace.   … Continue reading Playfulness is next to Godliness

Finding friendship in nature

When I was required to be in isolation for a long period of time, I had nearly no contact with people. I was alone with myself, with the spirit world above us, and with the natural world around me. It was a time when my friends were almost entirely invisible (the Masters, the Archangels, or … Continue reading Finding friendship in nature

Stop. (Don’t) look. (Just) listen. To your heart.

I spoke with a friend recently. She was coming out of a period of upset. She’s a significant healer, fellow wisdom teacher, and purely loving being. She’s here in our world for the purpose of helping us. She often works in the background, quietly removing unpleasant energies and sending waves of love, clarity, and harmony … Continue reading Stop. (Don’t) look. (Just) listen. To your heart.

Looking young but being wise

By the end of the teacher training for Kundalini Yoga, there were classmates of mine who looked like different people. When they started five months prior, they were stressed, run down, wrinkled, low in energy, and not pleasant to be around. Yet now they had open hearts and easy smiles, the lines were smoothed, and … Continue reading Looking young but being wise

Before the summer ends, let’s…

Well, the total eclipse of the sun just happened, and with that came some significant shifts in the energy of our planet Earth and all who live on her. Exactly what happened and how each of us will feel it is something that will unfold over time. But important is simply to recognize that something … Continue reading Before the summer ends, let’s…

Peace, Part 2

I guess this is Part 2 of my earlier post about Peace.  I never intended to continue the discussion.  But recent events in the United States have many people unsettled about The State of Humanity. We exist on a planet of many competing forces: dark v light; fear v love; hate v compassion; aggression v … Continue reading Peace, Part 2

Do we “impose” or even “keep” peace? No: We embody it.

Inner peace is the only true starting point of peace, anywhere. If you yourself are not inwardly peaceful, then how can you know what peace is for others? Even more: How can you seek to impose "peace" on others, or to "keep" the peace somewhere? You can't. You cannot. One who is not themself at … Continue reading Do we “impose” or even “keep” peace? No: We embody it.