Podcast: “What exactly is energy healing?”

I'm delighted to celebrate my first podcast! I had the pleasure of being interviewed on the Life in Red Podcast.  We discussed, "What exactly is energy healing?" This conversation has many nuances and insights, including: physics; the placebo effect; the healing power of prayer; how almost everyone has probably done energy healing in their lifetime; an energetic … Continue reading Podcast: “What exactly is energy healing?”

Energy Healing (Cymatics): The sounds around us are changing our cells

Here’s a fun way to look at a serious subject: Swiss students exposed cheese to different types of music for six months to see if the sound vibrations (i.e., the music) would affect how the matter (i.e., the cheese) developed. Guess what? It did. Continue reading.

Intense energy over Christmastime

This is a short post just to share that we received a lot of high-vibrational energy over Christmastime, particularly December 24, 25, and 26. Did you feel it? We did...big time. I spent Christmas Day on the couch feeling a lot like I was in labor. There were pains that needed to be breathed through, … Continue reading Intense energy over Christmastime

Our aura is a tiny part of Earth’s aura

A gentle FYI for empaths, kids, and animals: Earth’s magnetic field (or aura) has fluctuated noticeably over the past several hours, largely because a stream of wind from the sun has arrived. Per the pictures below: the electron count dropped for hours; we’re in a geomagnetic storm (currently G1); the magnetometer reading went a bit … Continue reading Our aura is a tiny part of Earth’s aura

A special, spooky sale for Halloween…!

Happy Halloween! At this time of year, the veil between our world and the spirit world is thin.  We are more likely to encounter energies, beings, and friends on the other side.  The ideas of magic, witchcraft, demons, ghosts, and more are all around us. Continue reading this post here.

Did you feel ill last weekend?

Many people have been feeling the effects of intense energy coming onto the Earth, since last Wednesday / Thursday. It has been manifesting as nausea, shakiness, headaches, pressure in the third eye, dizziness (or feeling like parts of your body or energy field are rocking), trouble sleeping--or sleeping longer than usual, and more. Continue reading … Continue reading Did you feel ill last weekend?

Fall Equinox: Are You Ready for the Harvest?

On Friday, September 22, 2017, some of the world will be focused on the arrival of autumn, and they will celebrate by changing their decorations to reflect the golden shades of the season, preparing their gardens for winter, and perhaps looking forward to cool nights with warm beverages. Continue reading this post here.

Looking young but being wise

By the end of the teacher training for Kundalini Yoga, there were classmates of mine who looked like different people. When they started five months prior, they were stressed, run down, wrinkled, low in energy, and not pleasant to be around. Yet now they had open hearts and easy smiles, the lines were smoothed, and … Continue reading Looking young but being wise

Peace, Part 2

I guess this is Part 2 of my earlier post about Peace.  I never intended to continue the discussion.  But recent events in the United States have many people unsettled about The State of Humanity. We exist on a planet of many competing forces: dark v light; fear v love; hate v compassion; aggression v … Continue reading Peace, Part 2

Eclipse Season is HERE!

As you likely know, August 7/8 marked the first of two eclipses this month: a partial lunar eclipse. That was a more gentle energetic experience than what we're in for two weeks from now, when on August 21 we have a total eclipse of the sun. Continue reading.  

Are you feelin’ it? Here’s how to track it

Have you ever felt suddenly tired for no reason? Suddenly dizzy or lightheaded? Suddenly angry? Ever started to sob and you didn't know why? Perhaps the energy in your head felt like it was upside down...so you were dizzy as if drunk, but not spinning. It was truly as if your head was upside down … Continue reading Are you feelin’ it? Here’s how to track it