The final eclipse season of 2021: Are you ready to change your life?

November begins the last eclipse season of 2021. We've had one so far this year; November and December will bring us the second. Eclipses are the most profound astrological events out of all that happen regularly. They can really shift the direction that our lives are taking, and create those changes instantly. If we’re headed … Continue reading The final eclipse season of 2021: Are you ready to change your life?

Knowing versus Embodying

There is a difference between “knowing” or being able to recite a Teaching, and embodying the essence of that Teaching. The point of most (if not all) wisdom is indeed to become it. Continue reading.

The Trade-Off: Afraid to go higher

Our goals often require some form of sacrifice or “hardship.” There is something that we must do, overcome, work for, or give up in order to attain that goal. And this fact can cause us to feel fear. Fear of what those hardships might be. Fear of what will be lost in the process of … Continue reading The Trade-Off: Afraid to go higher

Lightworker Portfolios: March Equinox as a Delivery Point for Light

It was a Monday.  2015.  March.  Into my awareness came the words, "Power Surge."  Flashing; on and off, on and off.  "Power Surge.  Power Surge.  Power Surge."  A warning light. This had never happened before.   Continue reading this post here.

The illusion of the layers

The statement above has a literal meaning as well as a deeper meaning. The literal meaning is that I just looked too closely at a rap song I’ve enjoyed for decades and realized the artist probably a) was way high when she wrote it and b) never took a grammar course. Continue reading this post … Continue reading The illusion of the layers

Let us honor the transition periods

Transition periods are important; the time between what is finishing now and what has yet to come. Conscious, awake, aware people make habits of noticing these periods of our lives. Doing so helps bring completion to the outgoing situation, helps to create a pause in which we may take a breath to gather strength, and … Continue reading Let us honor the transition periods

Playfulness is next to Godliness

In some interpretations, enlightenment is associated with a childlike nature. Laughter and good humor; a playful manner; wonder at all things; communion with nature and her plants and animals; a heart that is open, pure, and innocent; and a knowing that we are surrounded by magic, which we know is also ours to embrace.   … Continue reading Playfulness is next to Godliness

What’s “Step 1”?

"Let him who would move the world, first move himself." ~ Socrates I first encountered this quote during the training to become a Teacher of Kundalini Yoga, and so I equate it with Yogi Bhajan. Today marks the anniversary of the day he transitioned out of his life on Earth; I suppose this is why … Continue reading What’s “Step 1”?

Hi, my name is…   If you need to go high up into the Light, or deep down into the Dark places... If you seek Earth-based wisdom to assist you, or prefer Cosmic-level understanding... If you need help in this now moment, or can wait until your scheduled appointment... Continue reading.

The true purpose of the “teacher-student” dynamic

Yogi Bhajan always told his students that he intended to make them ten times greater than he was. And that if he didn't accomplish this feat then he would consider that he had failed. This was impressive because Yogi Bhajan was a genuine Master. He had mastered the complex branch of yoga that is Kundalini … Continue reading The true purpose of the “teacher-student” dynamic

Here’s why you should get angry

It's often thought that we shouldn't allow ourselves to get angry. Or that anger is a negative emotion. That can be true--if it becomes destructive, if it is vented unconsciously. But. Continue reading.