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Happy January and Happy New Year!

This is a longer-than-normal newsletter, as I reflect on 2020 and share thoughts on 2021.

Regarding 2020, I’d like to share some of what it showed us. But before I do, I’ll be honest and say that—whatever year or month or hour it is—we must do the work that is ours to do. Do that work, and the burden gets lighter for everyone. 2020 showed us just how much we’ve been carrying around, how much we’ve buried or swept under the rug. Know that anything still under that rug is with you now in 2021. Anything still under that rug at the end of this life will come with you into the next one. So we can do the work now or later, but it will be done. energy update 2021

More specifically:

2020 showed us who we are living with—who our fellow humans and citizens really are. We learned this through their behaviors during a time when behavior was extremely important: whether they wear a mask; whether they respect physical distancing; whether they choose to party while others cannot visit their loved ones dying in a hospital. Hidden sides of personalities were on display. How did you feel about what you saw?

2020 also showed us the failure of systems that we thought (or have been told) were working but really *never* worked.

Similarly, 2020 showed us how interconnected our supply chains are—and how fragile is that network. No supplies on the shelves of your local store? Supply chain issue. Can’t order that product because it’s not in stock? Supply chain issue.

2020 showed us more clearly how we are divided by color—and how that division was designed into the systems, right from their very start.

2020 made clear that corruption is embedded in politics, government, multinational corporations, and big pharma. Did you know that in Ontario, long-term care homes are owned privately—by rich people who consider your grandmother’s life to be primarily a financial investment? And that those rich investors were paid millions of dollars this year—while the long-term care homes themselves were understaffed, underfunded, ill-equipped to manage a pandemic, and filled with neglect and, worse, abuse?

2020 showed us that a supposed superpower doesn’t know how to hold an election.

2020 was ripe with propaganda, especially towards the end. Let me define propaganda for a moment: “information, ideas, opinions, or images, often only giving one part of an argument, that are broadcast, published, or in some other way spread with the intention of influencing people’s opinions.” May I share an example of propaganda? How about a 90-year old person saying, “If I can do it, so can you!” How about three former presidents banding together to receive some kind of injection on live television, with the purpose of convincing others to themselves receive some kind of injection?

I did a Master’s degree in intelligence analysis (national security). One of the courses taught us about propaganda and the use of deception. Why? Because we needed to know that governments freely and regularly use propaganda. That includes your government.

2020 forced us to essentially go to our rooms and think about what we’ve been doing with our lives. While there, we examined a lot of things. Do we like who we’re living with? Do we like the way our clothes feel? Do we like our jobs? Is our home filled with junk?

Did you know that your home is considered to be part of your root chakra? energy update 2021

How is your root doing? Hopefully, it is better after the clean up of 2020.

2020 also brought to the surface our stresses. Your stress affects everyone around you. It doesn’t just stay with you. When you’re upset, you take it out on everyone: your tone; your word choice; how much patience you have to hear someone out; how your energy field feels to those standing inside of it; the weight of your footsteps as you either walk or stomp. Did you notice how other people’s stresses spilled over onto others this year? I did.

I noticed it, for example, at the grocery store when I tried to return an item. The employee was short tempered and I got the brunt of their bad mood. Their mood wasn’t my fault; but I received the punishment for it. (To be fair, most of it wasn’t the employee’s fault, either…)

So we’re all swimming in each other’s baggage right now. energy update 2021

That is, except for the people who stopped their baggage from leaking onto others, who took responsibility for what was inside of them, and who unpacked, examined, and dealt with their issues. They made our lives easier.

I have a personal motto that I live by, and which governs my behavior: I will always do my part.

I will always do the part that’s mine to do.

Whatever that is—healing my baggage, opening the door for someone, donating time to help a stranger, or doing psychic battles with dark energies—if I have agreed to do it, then I will. It’s my responsibility, and mine alone.

Who else thinks that way, though?

Some people do—and I am so thankful for them. But many people don’t. And when many people choose not to do the part that they, as souls, have agreed to do, then what happens? A lot of work does not get done.

So that’s where we’re at. energy update 2021

We’re overburdened with the tasks that we have pushed to the side for so long, and yet the planet is trying to move to a higher level, so we’re required to deal with these things. We are *required* to deal with these things. They will not be done for us. It is not magic; it is mechanical. Either we do it, or we suffer the effects of a planetary ascension pulling us in one direction while our personal baggage pulls us in the opposite direction.

Anyone who has been doing the work almost certainly got rewarded in 2020. (That doesn’t mean it was a pleasant year, but simply that the year had some positive surprises to offer.)

Over here, I had a really good year. It was a net positive. Full disclosure: It was filled with horrible surprises, huge stresses, deep worries, and far more problems and roadblocks than were deserved. But having done the work of healing my own wounds, and knowing how the game is played, I was able to navigate these problems in the most graceful way possible. And in the end, as I said, the year was a net positive. I finished it at a higher level than when it began. And that’s the point.

I’m also hopeful for 2021.

Mainly, that’s because of some other things that happened in 2020.

First, the planet did not die. This was actually a serious concern back in early 2019. But there was a lot of intervention and hard work by a number of forces, and Mother Earth is still here (choking and coughing and trying to shake off some irritants, but here nonetheless).

Second, we no longer needed to tolerate bullsh*t. Why do I frame it in this way and why is this important? Because up until mid-2020, many of us did indeed need to tolerate it. We had been disempowered in such a way that to push back would have brought us either no results or a full backlash.

By mid-July, however, the power shifted and the Light was able to take a strong position in the face of, well, bullsh*t.

Then, the Lion’s Gate event in August brought in enough positive energy to finally tip the scales with respect to the balance of power here on Earth: Previously, nearly all power was held by forces (energies, beings, and humans) who are Dark. Have you ever wondered why there are so many problems in the world? It’s because the decisions are made by the Dark. As of early August 2020, the power has begun to transfer into the hands of the Light. This is hugely positive—the biggest news I’ve ever shared, and I never say good things unless I know it to be true. As someone who works with the background energies of the Earth, I know this to be true.

It is an ongoing process, though. It will likely take years to complete.

Another noteworthy development in 2020 was that people finally got moved. For years, many people have known that they needed to change homes, and even move to a whole new province/state or country. But they didn’t know to where they would go… The destination wasn’t clear. All they knew was that where they were living presently was no longer home. So they stayed in a holding pattern for years…waiting for the energies of the planet to change, and for their next destination to be revealed. In mid-2020, these destinations were revealed.

I know quite a few people who spontaneously moved homes (including myself), without much warning but absolutely with the backing of Spirit. If I described what happened with my own situation, you would see clearly the machinations of the Cosmos—setting things up, so that we need only trust and take the first steps forward.

To me, the fact that Lights got moved finally is a good sign. Pieces were moved around the board, in preparation for the future.

And what’s in our future?

Well, the details will be left up to the Cosmos, but the overall trajectory should continue to be positive. Yes, “should.” There are many battles still ahead of us—physical world battles, and energetic / psychic battles. It’s not smooth sailing.

But if we have done the work of healing our wounds and triggers, done the work of understanding how the game of life is played, and done the work of relaxing into the flow of the Universe, then we will be equipped to navigate all the highs and lows as gracefully as possible.

If you’re interested in my advice, then that (^) is my advice.

It takes work, I know.

It also takes work to cart around a burden everywhere we go…

So if we’ll be working regardless, what’s the better return on investment? Freedom or shackles?

Every December, I claricognizantly receive a sense of what the coming year will bring; the underlying theme that will govern the year. In mid-December 2020, I felt that 2021 is “the year we take the planet back.”

To receive that kind of message from the higher realms means, to me, that it’s not a wish or empty promise. Rather, it’s what we’re poised to do. It is the itinerary for 2021.

So let’s take our planet back. Let’s require corruption to step aside, and require unity and fairness to take the lead. Let’s heal ourselves, each other, and our very world. Let’s open our eyes to see through the illusions—the marketing, the propaganda, the magic spells—and see clearly what really is real. I promise you it’s better than what’s fake.

I invite you to spend the year with me—in class. Join me for the next session of my online course and learn how to tap into your unique psychic gifts, and bring those out into your daily life. Learn also the process of healing, and practice connecting to the rest of your soul and helping it to become whole. Full details are here.

As always, if you would like healing, clearing, coaching, or mentoring, then I will do the part that is mine to do. It is my honor to do so.

I wish you the 2021 that you have earned. Knowing a lot of you who are reading this, it’s going to be a good year for you. (If you are afraid to receive what you have earned, then that’s called karma—make an appointment and let’s get to work on it.)

Your Psychic & Healing Skills: I hope you will join the online course that starts next month. It’s the perfect way to start this new year–at a higher level, and with a more clear understanding of the spirit world and how to work with it. Register now.

Indeed, our world is increasingly psychic. If you’re not yet comfortable with your skills, or not yet feeling safe when tapping into those invisible realms, join me and I’ll teach you the best of what I know. I acknowledge all that’s out there–I don’t bypass it.

You will specifically learn the process of healing, using distant energy healing methods that can be done from the comfort of your home.

Importantly, this class has a clear focus on ethics and consent. It therefore prepares you to work in a trauma-sensitive manner, as well as a detached manner that respects everyone involved.

If you’re a beginner, here’s your foundation. If you’re already experienced, then you will grow your skills and expand your boundaries and understand more clearly how things work.

The course is online. We meet once a month for six months, have two additional follow-up calls, and connect in a private group on Facebook. You’ll have access to all of the course materials for a full year, and have the option to receive a Certificate of Completion. Register now.

Group Healing: The Monthly Healing Call is Wednesday, January 6. This occurs from 7-8pm EST, online. If you’d like to do meditation, receive energy healing, and ask me a question in a private group setting at a group rate, then join here.

Banyan Botanicals: I aim to place an order on January 12. If you’d like to be part of it, let me know and I’ll send you the order form. Products should arrive 7-10 days later.

If you’ve already signaled your interest, please submit your form and payment prior to the 12th. Or, email me if you have questions.

If I can assist you this month with healing, coaching, or guidance, then I would be honored to do so.

~ Jen Wozny
BA, MSc, Founder

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Monday, January 4: Reopening after the holidays. Appointments and shipping resume.Tuesday, January 5: Bonus Call: Review of Class 6 homework and wrap-up. 7-8pm EST.

Wednesday, January 6: Monthly Healing Call. Features guided meditation, connection to and messages from your Higher Self, distant energy healing, and guidance during a Q&A period. 7-8pm EST. Online.

Tuesday, January 12: Deadline for partaking in the order for Banyan Botanicals products (Ottawa area only.) Get the order form.

Saturday, January 23: Healings co-hosted by Green Spirit in Manotick, ON. These appointments are still being held virtually. Book your Green Spirit appointment here. 11am to 4pm EST.

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energy update 2021

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Details and registration.

energy update 2021

Celestial Influences: January 2021

13: New Moon
14: Uranus turns Direct
28: Full Moon
30: Mercury turns Retrograde

energy update 2021

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