One of the most meaningful psychic messages I’ve ever received was a song lyric.

When we first start to awaken, the psychic messages are everywhere. We’re seeing numbers everywhere we look. Songs on the radio are just what we needed to hear at that time. Synchronicities—those magical, perfectly timed events—abound.

We’re swimming in higher-level guidance.

This was the case for me. I didn’t actually understand a lot of it, but I knew that it all was right and correct for me. So I paid attention to all of it.

Like many people, I wrote down everything I could remember from my dreams. And these of course weren’t “dreams”—my subconscious wasn’t processing events of the previous day. Rather, I was spending time in the higher realms, and spending time getting to know other parts of my soul. So it all had meaning.

Now this was the very start of my journey. I had been awakening for years, but at a measured pace, somewhat slow. But once i released control of my life and surrendered to my higher guidance, everything took off.

At the time I received this particular message, I was essentially at the end of the taxied runway, front wheel about to lift off from the ground. And the plane ride ahead of me—completely unbeknownst to the human me at the time—was going to be very long and very bumpy. What was ahead almost killed me; every day for several years.

The human me didn’t know that, of course. There’s a reason why our spirit team does not tell us what’s ahead: It’s for our own sake. Had I myself known, for example, I would have strongly considered leaving.

So at the point where my front wheel was just leaving from the ground, about to launch into space, I awoke one morning with a song lyric in my awareness.

“If I only could,
make a deal with God,
I’d get Him to swap our places.
Be running up that road,
be running up that hill…”*
…on your behalf.

It was the most impactful thing my Higher Self has ever said to me.

It knew what was ahead, and it would switch places with me—if it only could.

I cried. I cried because someone cared that much about me. And I think I cried because this gave me a sense of what was ahead of me.

Since this time, I have known others who receive messages in song lyrics, including songs that have a similar message: “I know what lies ahead of you, and it is difficult. And while I can’t do it for you (but I would if I could), know that I’m here with you in every moment.”

Do you hear from your Higher Self? What has been your own most impactful message?

*This song is by Kate Bush and Placebo. Listen to it here.

Read the start-to-finish overview of my journey: 25,000 Miles to Me: Faith, Endurance, and Uncovering My True Self.

This article was originally published on my website.  If I can help you with spiritual guidance, awakening help, or soul-level healing, I’d be happy to do so; feel welcome to make an appointment.

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