When we lose a loved one, we sometimes think they are gone forever, as well as beyond help. But neither is true. Their soul is still alive. And that soul can still be helped.

One ancient way of helping is called “psychopomp.” This is essentially a form of energy healing…done on someone who just passed away…to help them get Home…safely and gently.

Psychopomp is a service offered by some energy healers, particularly those who practice Shamanism. It’s a service that I, too, offer.

I generally do it up to 14 days after departure.

But we can help any soul–whenever and *however* they left.

One example? Someone who was the target of violent crime. Such souls often get stuck–bound by the trauma that ended their life.

But we can, posthumously, heal a traumatized, brutalized soul. And in doing so, bring them peace.

Read more about psychopomp on my dedicated page: https://putthelighthere.com/services/psychopomp-helping-loved-ones-cross-over/.

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