It is with warm gratitude that I share that this blog has been nominated for the “Sunshine Blogger Award.”

This nomination and award is given by fellow bloggers, in recognition of posts that are “creative, positive, and inspirational.”

My thanks go to Crystal Grasso (Ward) of “Maybe Crazy Help,” who wrote these kind words in her nomination of Put The Light Here:

“A stunning website that ‘specializes in spiritual development and holistic wellness’ and has deep meaningful posts on spirituality, healing energy, and more! This website has a very calming energy.”


The last part of her nomination especially means a lot to me: When I was creating this website, my intention was to make it a safe haven to spend time.  Creating a calming, peaceful, uplifting, purely lighted energy was the basis of everything that I wrote, every image that I carefully chose, and the entire look and feel of  It was a full five months of development as I worked to make this site perfect.

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